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Le Mot de la Présidente / The President speech 


In the « Overcoming Human Poverty » report of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) 2000, it is said in essence that a person lives in « extreme poverty » if he does not have the income to meet his essential food needs.

According to the 2016 report of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the Republic of Guinea ranks 11th out of the 25 poorest countries in the world with a GDP of $ 519.2 per capita. In comparison, the average daily income per capita in France is $ 106 against $ 1.5 in Guinea.

This shows the extent of misery and the urgency for all active participant willing to intervene in Guinea to reverse this worrisome « trend » before it becomes impossible to redeem the situation.

I have the deep conviction that every human being has the capacity to bring his fellow mankind a little comfort by participating in actions of solidarity towards the most needy for the respect of individual dignity.

There can be, in my opinion, no individual happiness without collective happiness because it is always linked to others. I quote The Dalai Lama who wisely said:

 » If you want others to be happy, practice compassion;
if you want to be happy practice compassion « 



Notre Histoire / Our History


ADEG is a young association created in February 2016. The association is rooted in the will of 7 African women to mobilize against fighting poverty in West Africa and more particularly in the Republic of Guinea. Poverty is not an accident but is man-made and can be removed through the actions of human beings.

The particularity of ADEG lies in its ability to reach out to forgotten populations in small villages often isolated, without infrastructure or health centers.

Since its creation, the association is based on the commitment of volunteers in France and Africa.

In order to be able to carry out its projects, the association has a Settlement Agreement with the Government of the Republic of Guinea allowing it to operate as a Non Governmental Organization (NGO) in the country.

The history of the association was written around robust discussions, personal motivation and conviction from its members who share a strong desire to act, raise awareness, and spread not only the news of these disenfranchised populations but also prescribe a solution for this problem.

Thus ADEG works to stimulate exchanges around social issues. The vehicle through which this is done is by organizing meetings, conferences, and think tanks. Thereafter, findings and solutions are shared with key decision makers in government and other spaces to ensure that they become a reality.

As part of the debates organized by the association, ADEG brought together women traders on the theme of the informal economy, « management and organization of tontines ».

The association also serves as a vector for organizing garment collections in France, and to help the most vulnerable populations in Guinea.



Notre Mission / Our Mission 


ADEG’s mission is to improve the lives of the most disadvantaged local populations by contributing to the socio-cultural and economic development of Guinea.

It has set itself the goal of supporting projects in each of Guinea’s four natural regions.

Its action is reflected in the support of communities and support for micro-projects in the fields of education, health, agriculture and housing.

Its approach is to define with the local actors the priority needs to then co-develop the conception, the financing and the realization of the projects.

The process integrates resource persons, issues and representatives of local communities, to sustain initiatives and ensure both the sustainability of the project and its adequacy to needs.


Nos Valeurs / Our Values 


1 / Respect human rights and human dignity by fighting against all discrimination.

2 / To care about everyone and to promote active and responsible citizenship.

3 / To conceive solidarity not as an assistance, but as a reciprocity and a co-responsibility of each one towards all.


Nos Actualités / Our News



It was during the exchanges that we had with the representatives of the Beyen Beyen community that we took stock of the difficulties they face during the rainy season which last nearly four months in Guinea.

The inhabitants of this small village are mainly farmers who live mainly from the produce of their crops.

During the rainy season from June to September, they can no longer route their crops to the city of Kindia for sale on the market.

Only a few small quantities are occasionally transported on motorcycles through small roads making a great detour that greatly increases the journey to the city of Kindia. Nearly half of the production is lost because there is no electricity for its conservation or transformation.

In addition, patients and pregnant women in need of urgent care cannot cross the river to the nearest clinic.

These are the reasons why the inhabitants of Beyen Beyen asked ADEG association to help them realize the project of construction of the bridge to open up their village. It was becoming a vital priority.



When, with some friends, we created the ADEG association, we got closer to the main actors and stakeholders in the field, in order to target the 4 poorest villages in each of the 4 natural regions of Guinea.

Thus the first destination was that of Beyen Beyen district in the municipality of Madina-Oula – Prefecture of Kindia 2nd largest city after the capital Conakry.

We went to meet the people of Beyen Beyen and we were warmly welcomed by all the villagers. The village chief, the notables, the administrative representatives, the women, the young people and the children were all present to meet and welcome us.

We introduced the association ADEG and explained its role, namely: to help the most disadvantaged and forgotten people of all.

This first visit marks the beginning of a bond of friendship and fraternity that has developed between the members of the ADEG association and the people of this village.


pont à construire

Un Pont à construire à Beyen Beyen / A Bridge to Build at Beyen Beyen




Due to extreme weather conditions during the rainy season, access to the village is made very difficult, if not impossible, due to the flooding of the Santa River. Only a temporary wooden bridge allows the inhabitants to cross the river, sometimes risking their lives. The village is cut off from the world.

Building a bridge will open up the village and allow people, whatever the season, to cross the river to reach Kindia and neighboring villages to sell their crops. The bridge will provide the solution to develop and sustainably boost the local economy.

About 200 people currently living in extreme poverty and vulnerability due to rainfall and lack of infrastructure will benefit from this project.


The first steps were carried out and financed by ADEG:

– meeting the villagers: August 2017
– selection of the bridge project by ADEG: December 2017
– completion of the topographical study: February 2018
– drafting of the technical file: May 2018

Next steps:

– preparation of the tender documents;
– study of the files, pre-selection of the partner companies;
– then, once the financing has been obtained, start of the project.

Actions that ADEG will implement in the short term:

– preparation for the last quarter of 2018 of a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds;
– a communication about the bridge project (website, social networks) as part of the call for donations;
– the implementation of actions and contacts with donors to finance the construction of the bridge.


nous contacter

Nous soutenir


You share our sensitivity and our love for this beautiful land that is West Africa,
Do you want to get involved, contribute to the development and education of the most vulnerable populations, and support projects providing real solutions with sustainable local impact?


Becoming a volunteer of the association ADEG is to commit to support its action for development and education in Guinea, by giving of its time and by putting its expertise at the service of the association, to help it to lead to his great projects.
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To become a friend of the ADEG association is to commit to support its action for development and education in Guinea.
For that, some gestures can be very useful to us. Follow our news on the website and social networks, talk about the Association to make it more widely known, relay projects that we support to your contacts and networks.
And do not forget, « alone we go faster, together we go further ».


Become a donor and help finance our big project: the construction of a bridge in Beyen Beyen (Province of Kindia, Guinea Conakry).
Send your donations to: Association ADEG – 21 A rue de Marnes – 92410 Ville d’Avray – France